Sept. 22 08 Gen Moss legally bikes topless in Portland OR

Police flooded with calls of nude cyclist on Portland waterfront

02:55 PM PDT on Monday, September 22, 2008

By KGW Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland police dispatchers have been flooded with phone calls about a woman rollerblading and riding her bike nude along Portland's waterfront. But she's not actually breaking the law.

Exclusive KGW interview with Moss In Oregon, occasional nude bike rides draw police only for crowd control and shows featuring live sex acts are protected as free speech.

In an exclusive interview with KGW, Gennifer Moss, aka Earth Friend Gen, said she's trying to draw attention so she can spread the message of peace.

"Peace begins with ourselves, our minds, spirit, hearts and souls, and our bodies are an integral part of ourselves and I was created in God's creation and no part of me is obscene," she explained.

But people who have seen her traveling around naked were certainly shocked. Whenever she does it, police dispatchers are flooded with calls. One recent incident reportedly almost caused some traffic accidents.

"There is a naked woman riding on a bicycle... People are just about crashing, it's a woman riding up Hawthorne Boulevard on a bicycle, naked."

"It's beautiful, I wish I had her figure," another less serious caller told dispatchers.

Police tracked Moss down and asked her to tone it down after even a group of construction workers on the waterfront complained about her antics to police. But she has not been arrested.

What she does is legal, barring two important factors. "The exposure of genitalia, and their intent has to be to arouse another person and I clearly think in this instance, that is not being met," said Cathe Kent with the Portland Police Bureau.

Police say most callers were concerned about Moss' safety.

Earlier this summer, she also tried to get permission to skate naked in the Ashland 4th of July parade. She didn't get it.

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At home, Moss said she lives a green life and when she does wear clothing, it's made of organic cotton and hemp.

(AP also contributed to this article.)

Note from Gotopless: Though Gen is not Raelian, please refer to Intelligent Design, Message from the DesignerS at the bottom of the page to better understand the bases of our mind and body freeing spirituality.
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