News: Legal

14th Amendment of the US Constitution
16 Jul 2012 : 02:31
The 14th amendment and women's topfree rights?
Female nipple banned at US art festivals!
20 Apr 2012 : 16:45
Artists, stand up for your rights! No to banning the female nipple from art displays in Art Festivals! Join us for Go-Topless Day 2012 and freely display your Art!
Asbury Park NJ turns down motion allowing women to gotopless
12 Jul 2010 : 21:44
The City Council rule of Asbury Park is unconstitutional
Janet Jackson's breast: The Nipplegate case
24 Jun 2008 : 02:32
Recap of Janet Jackson's legal repercussions from her breast exposure during Superbowl 2004

On Sept 25, 2007, Daytona Beach, FL loses topless case
10 Oct 2007 : 02:49
After an intense 3 year legal battle against Daytona Beach, Liz Book wins the right to be topless

USA latest breastfeeding court cases
05 Oct 2007 : 20:48
Here are the latest incidences about breastfeeding in public in the leading democracy in the world in the 21st centutry

10 successful cases recognizing women's right to be topless in certain states or cities
26 Aug 2007 : 10:02
A look back on topless victories in the US and Canada prior to 2007

On June 04 2007, NYC pays $29,000 over topless arrest
05 Jun 2007 : 02:34
Police seized bare-breasted artist despite court ruling allowing toplessness