FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • Why have a National Go-Topless Day?
    In our society, men and women are supposed to have equal rights. But women are commonly arrested, fined and humiliated for daring to go topless in public, a freedom men have had for decades. To protest this unconstitutional gender discrimination, GoTopless.org is holding National Go-Topless Day events in cities nationwide. Thousands of women will be baring their chests that day in the name of equal rights, and we hope you'll be there too!
  • Why have GoTopless-Day in August?
    On August 26, 1920, following a 72-year struggle, the U.S. Constitution was amended to grant women the right to vote. And in 1970, as an ongoing reminder of women's equality, Congress declared August 26 Women's Equality Day. But even in the 21st century, women need to stand up and demand that equality in fact - not just in words.
  • Who can participate?
    We welcome everyone! GoTopless was founded by the Raelian Movement, which recognizes that life on Earth was created by advanced extraterrestrial scientists. These scientists, both male and female, used their mastery of genetic engineering to create humans in their own image (breasts included!). GoTopless includes thousands of women and men, who have a wide variety of beliefs, affiliations and sexual preferences.
  • Why do you talk about femininity rather than feminism?
    In the past, women often had to act like men when fighting for their rights, so they repressed their femininity. Today, GoTopless women see their femininity as a powerful asset as they struggle for equal rights in male-dominated society.
  • Why do you have GoTopless actions in cities where top-less freedom for women is already legal?
    The purpose of our Gotopless event is:
    to encourage women to stand up for their constitutional topless rights in cities and states where they are still forbidden to do so. But, in cities and states that are already topless, our events encourage women to exercise their topless rights. Indeed, it is not because a topless law is in effect that our struggle is over. A hundred years ago, though women had just earned the right to vote, relatively few actually did because of their conditioning. It took a lot of encouragement for them to feel confortable voting. It is the same process for their topless right. Gotopless however respects and welcomes any woman who would like to support us while choosing to keep their top on.
  • How are you helping women?
    GoTopless is committed to helping women perceive their breasts as noble, natural parts of their anatomy (whether they are nursing or not). Breasts shouldn't have to be "modestly" or shamefully hidden from public view any more than arms, legs or feet.
  • How are you helping men?
    GoTopless is also committed to helping men differentiate between nudity and sexuality. If the presence of a topless woman in public triggers a sexual impulse, it can easily be controlled in the same way men control themselves when they see a woman wearing a mini skirt or revealing ample cleavage. Men manage to appreciate these things while still showing respect! Choosing consciousness above hormones leads to a peaceful, respectful society providing additional freedom and beauty.